Composing your own postings

  • Search before writing. Many topics already exist. Avoid repetition by using the search function first.
  • Stay on topic. While even with subject-oriented topics it’s possible for a off-topic remark to occur, these comments shouldn’t be the main component of a posting
  • Formulate your questions and answers precisely and understandably.
  • Name your sources when you quote or refer to other Internet pages.
  • Choose meaningful headlines when creating threads.


  • Stay friendly and factual.
  • Be cautious with humor and irony.
  • Give Feedback.

Of course it’s possible in a forum that from time to time posts and topics can turn up that contradict - more or less strongly - these guidelines. On one hand, the points mentioned are highly dependent on personal interpretation and, on the other hand, nobody’s perfect.

The following behavior will not be tolerated on openUNE

  • Personal conflicts carried out in the public sphere
  • "Trolling" and "flaming", i.e. releasing posts or topics that are intended to deliberately provoke strong negative or emotional reactions
  • Spam, i.e. posts with e.g. advertising contents
  • Harassing or threatening other participants
  • Language which is hurtful, threatening, insulting, defamatory, obscene, hateful or racist

Depending on its severity, a violation of these rules may result in a warning or a temporary or permanent exclusion from the platform.


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